March 9, 2011

Old Junk or Repairable?

Ever had a broken down car and had to make the decision to fix it or replace it? My car has been falling apart over the course of the last year. Due to financial strains I haven’t been able to make the necessary repairs immediately and the car is slowly breaking down. The car makes sounds it’s not supposed to, doesn’t always start, 3 doors won’t open from the outside, a window won’t go up, broken belts on the tires and it needs an alignment. I had to make a decision: trade the car in to purchase a new one or give this one a little TLC. After much deliberation, I decided to keep the old car, because although on the outside she needs some repairs, her heart (the motor) works perfectly. A few days after making the decision to repair the car, I was driving with the plastic from the broken window flapping in the wind and the tire bouncing me all over the road, and I could relate to Gloria.

Over the course of the last year, my life had been falling apart as well; divorce, move, financial strains, rebellious teenager, anger, my faith really being tested and questioned. I, like my car was broken and in need of repairs.  I was glad I’d decided to fix it up instead of trade it in and replace it – like God’s done to me; keep me…repair me….heal me. Little by little as I replace the parts on the car, I think of the parallel of work God is doing in me:

  • The car got a new battery and now it runs every time I start it. I recharge my battery everyday by reading Christ’s Word to keep me going.
  • The car got an oil change; removed the old, gunky oil and replaced it with clean oil to keep the motor running smoothly. I’ve had to do the same by getting rid of stinking-thinking (devil’s lies) and replace it with God’s Truths.
  • Next, the car got a new tire and now she doesn’t bounce all over the road. I got a new tire (mercy and forgiveness) and I’m able to stay on the straight and narrow as well.

I still have more repairs for my car, but slowly as I’m repairing it, Christ is repairing me. Usually it’s men who say, “I relate to my car, it’s a part of me”, but I can say the same thing, as each time I fix something on my car, it resembles something God is fixing within me. Ironically, a few years back we named our car, Gloria. We didn’t really understand the implication of the meaning at the time, but Gloria means “to bring glory” and that’s exactly what God is doing in me; with step of restoration in my heart and mind He’s bringing His glory.

DISCOVERING: That God finds me irreplaceable and won’t trade me in- no matter what I do, how old I get, what bad attitude I have at the moment. I'm not old junk and neither are you.
BECOMING: Transformed and repaired.....

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