March 11, 2011

She Speaks

When one inquires with me about my dream or passion, I quickly answer, “to write!” Ever since I was little I’ve written. Over the years, my writing has evolved from little notes to short stories to rhyming poems to snail mail letters to daily journaling to meaty devotions to short bible studies. Writing is a gift I’ve received from My Creator, but as a single mom working full-time, time doesn’t always allow this gift to be opened. I’ve dreamt about having my writing published, but where does one begin? What’s the first step? Who do I contact? What type of writing should I send in? and I’m exhausted and discouraged before I even begin, until……She Speaks comes across my computer screen.

She Speaks is an annual conference that answers all the above questions (and then some) for those who’ve been given the talent or dream of writing or speaking. She Speaks even gives you the opportunity for critiquing and meeting. What’s so unique is that it’s not just another conference, but it’s designed especially from a Christian perspective.

Even if I don’t get published from attending this conference, the experience of being surrounded with other women who share the same passion would be exhilarating. To attend the She Speaks conference would help me be a good steward of the gift I’ve been given, and allow me some time to slowly unwrap the gift.

DISCOVERING: She Speaks conference
BECOMING: a better steward of the gift God has given me.

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