March 18, 2011

Running Out of Gas

When I first purchased my “new to me” car a few years back, the gas gage didn’t work properly. It rapidly bounced back and forth until a few months later it bounced so far it over, it got stuck under the needle it usually sits on top of when it’s empty.
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So, now when you look at my gas gage is looks like we’re riding on fumes because it sits way below the Empty mark. Every time a new passenger gets in my car, they squirm and mention how low we are on gas. I laugh out loud and repeat the story about the gas needle I’ve said a hundred times. Then they inquire, “How do you know when you need gas?” Although the needle doesn’t work, thankfully the warning light and sound still work when it gets low. So, each week I fill it up and when the gas starts to get low, the light and sound will come up warning me, it’s time to fill up again. It usually just starts warning me when I turn corners, but if I don’t fill up soon enough it’ll start warning me more frequently. Sometimes, as I’m driving down the road it’s constantly lighting up and making the ‘ding ding ding’ noise.

Like life when we get low on His fuel, we also have warning lights and sounds that go off and if we don’t do anything about those warning, we’ll soon be left stranded and empty, just like my car.

Although, I’ve always listened to the warnings from the gas gage and in three years I haven’t ran out of gas, the same cannot be said about my personal life- I haven’t always listen to the warnings of life. I have filled up then ran so low my tank was bone dry.  God wants us to remain in Him and when He sees us getting low, he’s so gracious to give us warnings; it may a thought, a nudge, a missed appointment, a child’s words, an email you read, a tug on your heart. Like vehicles, each gas tank is different, holds a different amount and even has different warning signals, we just have to open the ears of our hearts to hear them. God wants us to remain full of Him, He provides the tank, the gas, the warnings and the even the refills. Don’t let the warning signals God gives you go off for too long before you fill up again or you’ll be empty and stranded on the side of a road.

Q:  What warning lights or sounds are going off in your life right now? Are you       listening to them or ignoring them?

DISCOVERING: How to listen to and obey the warning signals in life.

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