December 15, 2011

Who is my Favorite Character in the Christmas Story?

When posed with this question, I was moved to try and really answer this question, instead of just letting it slip by, which I so often do. I first had to ask myself; who are the characters? Whom am I forgetting in the story? Is there some little known person I’m not remembering? Because that’d be the person I could probably most relate with. So, here’s who I see as the characters in Jesus’ birth:

Jesus – Happy Birthday!
Joseph – A man who stuck by Mary’s side despite what the world must have thought.  
Wise Men – Givers of good gifts.
King Herod – Jealous.
Shepherds - Faith to leave their sheep and follow the stars.
Angels – Oh Holy Being!
Inn Keeper – Make do with what I’ve got.
Mary – Excited. Peaceful. Euphoric.  

But after looking at the people of those involved with Christ’s birth, none of them were ‘little known people’, they all have a big part in this story. So, now that I know all the characters involved, who is my favorite? I would have to say Mary, simply because I think I could relate to her the most. She probably received a bad reputation b/c she was engaged to be married and became pregnant. She heard what the angel said and believed. She was confident of what she heard and did what she was called to do. I can just imagine what Mary might have been feeling the night of Jesus’ birth; anticipation, Peace, excitement, relief, the same kind of feelings I had when I birthed my children. Yeah, Mary is my favorite character in the Christmas story, simply because I can relate to her.

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