January 25, 2012

Conga Line

A few days ago, for my birthday, my family and I attended the Winter Jam concert. Winter Jam is a host of several groups, speakers and an illusionist who perform all in the name of God all across the country. The best part is that there’s no need for a ticket and only $10 to get in the door. Unfortunately, we arrived late, unlike the 17,000 other people who attended and we ended up in the ‘nose-bleed’ section; 3 rows from the very top of the arena where the oxygen was so thin you could barely breathe.  As we caught our breath from climbing all the steps and the thin air and we got settled in, I couldn’t help but be excited to be surrounded by my family, lots of teenagers, the noise, the lights;  all my senses were working overtime and I loved it. But nothing moved me more than an analogy I seen as we were worshipping with Toby Mac. As the entire arena was singing along with Toby Mac I noticed a group of about 5 – 6 kids on the main floor. With our “bird’s eye view” we could see that this small group of kids were running around the floor seating and a small stage on the main floor. It was thrilling to see this group of kids so moved that they wanted to run around the arena. As if that wasn’t cool enough, the other people wanted to follow and join in on the fun, so with each time they went around the stage more kids fell in line. Before long, there were so many people involved in this conga-type line that the front of the line had met up with the end of the line. This line which started out with 5 – 6 people had quickly grown to over a hundred. I was intrigued by the analogy of how this was like any movement we see in life. It only takes one to make a difference and before long people will want to follow along. It reminded me of how easy it can be for people to be followers of Christ. If I follow Christ in my life, people will eventually follow me…..to HIM! And before long the group will be so big that the front of the line meets the end.

DISCOVERING: The impact of ONE!
BECOMING: A leader for others to follow to Christ.

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