January 20, 2012

FB Fast

Our church recently decided to do a ‘Daniel Fast’. Although, I was intrigued by participating in a fast, I wasn’t sold on the idea of it being from food; although losing a few pounds would be quite beneficial, but i wanted to do a fast for the right reason....to go deeper with Christ. On Christmas day, it’s our family tradition for each member of our family to give a gift to Jesus (I mean it is his Birthday). This year my gift to him was to read through the Bible in a year. So, with my decision to participate in a fast, I prayed about how this fast would look, what Christ wanted, what would be most beneficial for His glory and my growth, when a strange thought hit me – Facebook, Get your nose out of FB. At first, I thought it was a silly idea, who fasts from FB? I don’t have a problem with that, that’s how I stay connected, I use it to do devotions and other “Christiany” things. I’m not fasting from FB!! I mean no communication for 21 days is ridiculous!! But the more I thought and prayed about what to fast from, FB kept coming up. So in an effort to be obedient, I’ve been FB free for almost a week now, and in such a short amount of time I’ve seen the hand of God; felt him, heard him and have already gone deeper. I did not realize how much time i wasted on FB. As hard as it is to say this, I think I may have a problem….’Hi, my name is Diane. I can’t stop checking my phone very two minutes for a FB notification’
How have I seen a difference? Where i would normally have my nose in FB at the laundry mat, I took my Bible and read a few chapters, when I’m at a red light I don’t glance at my phone for FB updates, I don’t constantly look at my phone all throughout the day for updates, I don’t constantly think of what my next post could possibly be. FB is not a bad thing -  it’s just that it consumed so much of not only my time, but also my thoughts. I want to replace the continual consumption of my thoughts and time from FB to Christ and His ways!! My hope is that through this fasting of FB, I can become all consumed by Him. Can I ask that you please “like” my comment, just for old FB times’ sake J

Discovering: How to consume my thoughts with God
Becoming: Free from chains that bind

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