January 11, 2012

Lifting the Flaps Off My Box

When recently reading a book titled ‘Radical’, it mentioned a website www.operationworld.org, that ls full of information about every country. I was intrigued by the videos on this website that showed lifestyles that I’d never seen before.  The more I learned, the more I yearned. It sparked within me a desire to learn more about the world, not only the geography, but the people. I learned more things than I really intended when I haphazardly clicked on the link, and I just couldn’t contain it.

I expressed my desire to buy a wall map to help me with all that I was learning. My son suggested that I simply download an app on my phone, with legitimate reasons of it being free and at my fingertips. But that wasn’t enough to satisfy my hunger, I wanted to see the whole picture, I wanted to be reminded every time I walked by it, I also wanted to share it with my family and other visitors who were willing to listen to what I’d learned. A little side note: When I went to purchase the map, I got it for free. How’s that for answers?!

The book, the website, the  videos  or the map aren’t the exciting thing, here. They are simply tools that have lifted the flaps off the box I’ve been living in. Granted, I’ve had the opportunity to visit many of the US States, Canada and even Mexico, but in my day-to-day living I’m stuck in my little old box of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Stuck in the habits of how I live, where I go, what I listen to, what I do, but since stumbling across these videos, it’s like the boogers have been wiped from my eyes and I can see something that’s always been there, but never noticed. I’ve become more aware of different people groups, their lifestyles, and even where there country is located. The last few years, I’ve had a desire to become a missionary and maybe this is another piece of the puzzle. Maybe now when God says, “Go to Djibouti”, I’ll know where that is.

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