September 23, 2015

It reminded me

I know you’re not supposed to boast about the times you do good unto others. And I don’t. But this isn’t about me. It’s about my amazing husband and face it, he just eats it up when I brag him up. And believe me; I need all the brownie points I can get with him.

Yesterday, we were standing in line to pay at the store and behind us was a dad with 2 children (one pry 12 and the other 2). It outwardly seemed that they were without much money, but the dad was so attentive to the toddler and both kids were well behaved. As I’m observing (my kids call it staring…whatever) them, my husband leans over and says, “Do you know them?” After informing him that I did not, his response was, “I feel led to pay for their diapers and wipes, but don’t know what to say to them.” My husband proceeds to ask the fellow if he can pay for his items. The man stammers over how to respond, but finally says, “Yes, but you don’t have to do that.”

As I watched the man I love perform this beautiful act of kindness, I had to fumble in my purse for my sunglasses because I didn’t want anyone to see the tears brimming in my eyes.  The cashier rang the items up, placed them in a bag and handed it to him. The man slowly walked around us, not knowing what to say or how to respond, but eventually said, “Thank you.”  My husband assured him it was no problem and I sputtered out God bless, as he passed by.

I watched that dad with his children walk by us, through the cashier lane, out the door and even halfway through the parking lot (okay, maybe my kids are right and I do stare), all the while weeping under my sunglasses with my cheek pressed against the arm of my husband. I wept as we unloaded the groceries in the truck. I continue to weep as we drove home. I had few words, but lots of emotion. My husband asked, “What are you thinking?” I told him I wasn’t thinking anything, I was feeling.

As I wiped the tears from my eyes and began to share with my husband, I expressed how proud I was of him. I told him that I’ve never been with anyone who’s done that and it moved me. I told him I was proud to stand next to him. How his act of kindness erased all the junk we’ve been going through lately because this moment surpassed all those (he was happy to hear that, because like me, he needs also needs brownie points). I mentioned how God stirred him to do something and he was obedient.  

Even as I write this, my eyes fill with tears yet again. Not only did I experience the emotions for my husband, but it also humbled me. It reminded me of the years that I was without and couldn’t provide even the basic needs for my children. It reminded me of memories past of basic survival. It reminded me of where I once was; of where God has brought me; of where God is taking me. It reminded me of the time several strangers’ donated household items to fill an empty 2 bedroom apartment that once only held a handful of clothes and blankets after leaving a homeless shelter. It reminded me that God had a made a way in my life. He has changed my life. He has moved in my life. It just made me so thankful to God for what He’s done and shown me in this life thus far.

I don’t know why this one simple act of kindness moved me in such a way, honestly I don’t care why. I just know that God is good and He will make a way. It reminded me….


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